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The challenge was to augment the Quilt 360 Video application with an assessment feature, enabling interactive learning and evaluation of content comprehension. The goal was to create a seamless, interactive experience in VR, where students could choose their learning path and be assessed on their understanding of the 360 video content, overcoming the technical limitations of interactivity in 360 videos.


We enhanced the Quilt-J 360 Video application with the capability to ask assessment questions related to the video content. The application, running on Unity 3D, allows dynamic learning paths with multiple-choice questions. Responses are processed through a PHP API, with results stored in a MySQL database and displayed on a real-time dashboard built with vanilla JavaScript. This solution provides a more engaging and informative VR educational experience.


Under the leadership of Juan Carlos Muñoz and supervision of Michael Cowling from CQUniversity, Quilt-J 360 Video represents an innovative step in VR educational technology.

Challenges: Building on the Quilt 360 Video project, the main challenge was to integrate an assessment feature, enabling users to interactively engage with the content and be evaluated on their understanding. The technical complexity involved enhancing the 360 video experience with interactivity and real-time assessment capabilities.

Technical Implementation: Developed in Unity 3D, the application targets Android-based devices and Oculus Quest. A key enhancement was the system’s ability to load configurations from a JSON file, rendering an interconnected web of videos and assessment nodes. This allowed for a flexible and dynamic learning experience.

Assessment and Interaction:

  • Learning Paths and Assessment: Users choose their learning journey, with questions presented after each video segment. The answers are processed through a PHP API and stored in a MySQL database.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: A dashboard built with vanilla JavaScript displays results in real time, providing immediate feedback on user comprehension.

Advantages and Impact: Quilt-J 360 Video offers a realistic and detailed view of environments, surpassing traditional 2D simulations. The assessment feature adds a valuable layer of interactivity and learning, making it an ideal tool for training and educational purposes.

Navigation and User Experience: The interface is navigable via Quest controllers and gaze pointers on mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Future Potential: Quilt-J 360 Video’s successful integration of assessment into VR education opens up possibilities for broader applications in various educational and training scenarios, showcasing the potential for more dynamic and engaging learning experiences.


This version integrates assessment tools, offering immersive learning paths with interactive questions on video content.

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