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Robotic Teacher Assistant

A groundbreaking collaboration between CQUniversity and Acme Robotics Pty Ltd, this project revolutionized classroom assistance through robotics and AI. Designed to alleviate teachers’ workload, the robot aids in classroom interaction, query resolution, and educational content delivery. Integrated with technologies like PHP, MySQL, and AWS for web application, and Google’s text-to-speech for lecture delivery, it exemplifies innovative educational support. The project’s technical leadership was under Michael Cowling, Associate Professor in ICT at CQUniversity.

Companion AI Humanoid Chatbot

An innovative project of CQUniversity and Acme Robotics Pty Ltd’s aged care initiative. This AI-driven humanoid chatbot provides elderly companionship and assistance, reminding users of daily tasks, integrating with smart homes, and offering social interaction. Leveraging technologies like Google Cloud, Node.js, and Dialogflow, it exemplifies a blend of care and advanced tech. A virtual companion designed to understand and respond contextually through machine learning and natural language processing.

Quilt 360 Video

Choose Your Own Adventure like

A pioneering Unity 3D project led by CQUniversity’s Michael Cowling, this application leverages 360 video technology for virtual reality in education. Offering immersive experiences, it allows users to explore various environments and topics through interactive 360 videos. Designed for Android devices and Oculus Quest, the app’s innovative use of JSON configurations enables seamless video interconnection, enhancing educational and training applications by providing a realistic, ‘being there’ experience.

Mixed Reality HeartMR

Spatial PROBLEM-SOLVING Analysis

A collaborative innovation by Michael Cowling and Dr. James Birt, this application harnesses augmented and virtual reality for an interactive educational experience. Upgraded from JavaScript to C# in Unity 3D, it features a 3D heart model for anatomical studies. With screen recording for review, a results dashboard, and Vuforia for AR, HeartMR offers an immersive way to learn enhancing understanding and retention for students.

Sentiment Analysis In VR Environments

Led by Dr. James Birt, this innovative project in Unity 3D integrates sentiment analysis into a multi-user VR space. Users can discuss design and architecture within the VR environment, with their conversations translated and analyzed for sentiment and key topics. Leveraging technologies like the Proton engine, Google’s text-to-speech, and IBM Watson, this project offers groundbreaking insights into user interactions and perceptions within virtual spaces.

Quilt-J 360 Video

360 video-based ASSESSMENT platform

An extension of the Quilt 360 Video project, Quilt-J 360 Video, led by Juan Carlos Muñoz and supervised by Michael Cowling at CQUniversity, enhances virtual reality education through Unity 3D-rendered 360 videos. This version integrates assessment tools, offering immersive learning paths with interactive questions on video content. Responses are analyzed in real-time via a PHP API, stored in MySQL, and visualized on a JavaScript dashboard. Aimed at Android devices and Oculus Quest, it offers a dynamic, interactive learning experience, deepening content comprehension.

Mixed Reallity for e-Exams

A collaborative venture between Dr. Mathew Hillier, Dr James Birt an Associate Professor of Creative Media studies at Bond University, Australia, and Associate Professor Michael Cowling at CQUniversity. This project integrates augmented and virtual reality into secure e-examination platforms. Tailored for Android devices running on Ubuntu Linux, it utilizes a 3D heart model for interactive learning and testing. Enhanced with screen recording, cube 3D markers for model manipulation, and local result submission, it transforms traditional exams into engaging, immersive experiences, improving understanding and retention in medical education.

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