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Quilt 360 Video tackled the challenge of enhancing virtual reality experiences in educational technology. The key difficulty was integrating high interactivity within 360 videos, which are traditionally challenging to manipulate. The goal was to create an immersive learning environment that surpassed the limitations of standard simulations, offering a realistic view and navigational freedom to explore varied educational content.


Our solution, the Quilt 360 Video application, utilized Unity 3D to render immersive 360 videos on Android and Oculus Quest devices. It features a flexible system that loads video configurations from a JSON file, enabling users to navigate through an interconnected web of educational content. The app’s interface, adaptable to both gaze pointers on mobile and controllers on Quest devices, offers an intuitive and engaging user experience, significantly enhancing virtual reality learning.


Led by Michael Cowling, Associate Professor in ICT at CQUniversity, the Quilt 360 Video project harnessed the capabilities of Unity 3D to transform educational technology through 360 video integration in virtual reality applications.

Challenges: The primary challenge was to provide an interactive and immersive educational experience using 360 video technology. While 360 videos offer detailed environmental views, their interactivity is typically limited. The project aimed to overcome this by developing a system that allowed users to navigate seamlessly between various educational topics and environments.

Technical Approach: Developed for Android-based devices and the Oculus Quest, the application was built using Unity 3D. A key feature was its ability to dynamically load configurations from a JSON file, enabling the rendering of numerous interconnected videos. This flexibility allowed for the addition of new content without major system overhauls.

User Experience and Interactivity: The interface was designed for dual compatibility: using gaze pointers on mobile devices and controllers on Oculus Quest. This ensured a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy navigation and exploration within the virtual environment.

Potential and Impact: Quilt 360 Video demonstrates significant potential for training and educational purposes. By offering a ‘being there’ experience, it provides learners with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, surpassing traditional 2D video tutorials. Its immersive quality and ease of content exploration make it an invaluable tool in virtual reality-based learning.

Future Directions: The project paves the way for further exploration in integrating 360 video technology with virtual reality for educational purposes. The success of Quilt 360 Video suggests vast possibilities for its application in various learning and training scenarios.


This application leverages 360 video technology to offer immersive experiences. It allows users to explore various environments and topics through interactive 360 videos.

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